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BA in Professional Communication students at Royal Roads University will be the first crop of new researchers to enjoy this re-published work. In choosing this textbook, the instructor observed that it was accessible, and provided valuable information for new researchers who had not locked into a particular research paradigm.

Royal Roads has a strong tradition of qualitative research, for which much has been written since Kerm originally published his book in 1988. Kerm never used the term qualitative, however his love of numbers was based on a love of stories from the lives of his students. He would have put qualitative-focussed Appreciative Inquiry to good use.

In this insightful paper Misconceived relationships between logical positivism and quantitative researchthe author concludes that “Researchers and students should be encouraged to keep an open mind to different methodologies because mixed methods [including qualitative and quantitative approaches] have the potential to achieve the goals of convergent validity and completeness.”